Everybody does not possess that insight that could make him look beyond the prevailed notion gained root with the time. And spiritual master, Jaggi Vasudev of ISA Yog Foundation [Coimbatore] possess that, therefore he says- ‘Swachh Bharat and Yog Day, these are not separate things . I am really glad that our national leader is thinking about these things and wants this to happen. Because in the last few centuries we have not seen any  leader talking about how you should be within yourself.’ However such people would also be not a few whom the view of Sadguru would appear weird. No surprise because the two thoughts that have reigned the world in the centre of such capitalism and socialism is unrestrained consumption, due to which the spiritual virtues of greater good like self-control and more so self-realisation remained beyond the domain of the concern of those who are at the helm of the affair. Its effect could well be seen in India too. Right from the days of freedom movement to organise people against British most of the issues such as Swadeshi, Swaraj, Namak satyagrah, Tax-collection, Fundamental-rights and such other were predominantly concerned with material-life of countrymen.

Even after freedom the issues like Five year plan and slogans like ‘Gareebi hatao’ likewise gained importance with the same sole purpose of improving and prospering economic or material-life of an individual. So much so that even education emerged as a sole medium of gaining employment. And where before a youth had been in pursuit of anyhow getting govt. job, now he engages in obtaining better so-called package in private companies for himself. In face of this overriding tendency of privileges and rights ruling the roost when Modi talked of restrained life through Yoga and of duty through ‘Swachhta-abhiyaan’ it was of course not for nothing that a section of the people were heard to comment with derision that people sent Modi to power for bringing back black money and for development and he made the people do yoga and clean the public places! Ironically there are also those among these critics who are known to be proclaiming day in and day out to be the champion of Gandhian thoughts.  However, the life in  Sabarmati ashram founded by Gandhi would obviously be eye opening for them. In Ashram it was mandatory for the volunteers to take care of cleanliness in the premise by themselves. Gandhiji more notably used to say- “Everyone must be his own scavenger “.


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